2017- Present – 7Th Ward Hunters Tribe
2004 – 2010 – Young Cheyenne Tribe

Big Chief WAR a.k.a Brick is part of a great legacy in this culture. He was introduced to this culture by his father Verdell “Brick” Sceau and uncles who were in the Cherokee Hunters Tribe. The Cherokee Hunters tribe became the Flaming Arrows after the death Big Chief Clarence “Boy Boy” Guadet. Theodore “Merk” Goodman, original chief of the Flaming Arrows from Back-a-town (back end of the 7thward aka BaKaStan), welcomed their cousins into the tribe. Currently the chief of Flaming Arrow is Kevin Goodman the son of “Merk”. Continue reading →

2014-Present – Big Chief Juan “Carlos” Pardo
2014 – 2004 – Big Chief Wallace Pardo

The Renaissance Chief:
Big Chief Juan is considered a young chief, but his journey and experiences in and outside of this culture makes his approach to this culture steeped in tradition but fueled by innovation and evolution. During this interview, I came across in conversation two instances that paint the picture of this Renaissance Chief. First instance, tradition: Chief Juan masked his first year as Spy Boy for his older brother Wallace and first Chief of the Golden Comanche. Chief Wallace having permission to start his tribe from his former Chief, Eugene “Pepe” Esteban of the Golden Eagle Tribe.

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1984 – 1993 – Big Chief Joe Pete Seminoles
1994 – Present – Big Chief Keith “Keitoe” Jones

Chief Keitoe has traveled a long road to get to this point in life as a man, as a Big Chief and as a leader in this culture. As chief will tell you, in his journey he has come across a lot of haters. I’m talking the type of haters that transform from decade-to-decade assisting in the overall iron sharpening iron trials and tribulations one goes through to reach their ultimate goal in life. The unique aspect of Big Chief Kietoe is his resilience. Chief has lost tribal chiefs that have resulted in tribes disbanding. Continue reading →

1998 – present- Cyrill Green Big Chief Iron Horse (deceased)
1998 – Present – Kenneth Young Big Chief klik – 2nd Chief

To date Chief Klik is the first chief that we have interviewed that can trace his bloodline back to Aboriginal America, not only that, but his family still owns their land where he is the modern-day Chief of his village. That land is in Bayou Lacombe and surrounding areas in Louisiana and that aboriginal tribe has many names. To say the least I was past intrigued and could hardly contain my composure. They were a million and one questions going through my mind! Unfortunately, this is an article and not a novel, so what I reveal will only touch the surface. I urge all that read this article to do more research about America, before Columbus. More than a majority of New Orleans’ Blacks are of Aboriginal or Indian Heritage. Yes, your history books were false, now they use the term outdated. The late Big Chief Cyril Green named the tribe the Black Seminoles to pay respect to the Indigenous Tribes of the area. Also taking his name Iron Horse from the Black Seminole freedman Chief John Horse. Continue reading →

Present – 2013 – Big Chief Demond Young Seminole Hunters
2013 – 1994 – Spy Boy – Seminoles

As a young chief, Big Chief Demond is a strong, well read, humble, student of Black Masking Culture and confident contemporary artist that embodies the spirit of “Bras Coupe.” Sitting down with Chief Demond, it is obvious the strength in his leadership comes from his knowledge of this culture and years working up the hierarchy. As he says, no one beat him as a Spy Boy.

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Big Chief Tyrone “Pie” Stevenson – Monogram Hunters
Timeline: monogram hunters
Chief Pie -Present – 1992
Chief Becate Batiste – 1850’s – 1930’s

Chief Tyrone Pie Stevenson is well-known, well respected and holds the banner for one of the original tribes in New Orleans the Monogram Hunters. This storied tribe was headed by the father of Tootie Montana from the famed Yellow Pocahontas. The tribe disbanded after Big Chief Becate Batiste passed, but the Congressional Library has Big Chief Becate Batiste masking early as 1855 in Treme’. In 1992 Chief Pie with the blessing of his than Big Chief Tootie Montana and his second Chief brother Edward Montana to bring back their father’s tribe namesake. Chief Pie and his 30 plus tribe members holds the honor and history close to their hearts and Deep in their Soul!

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Present – 2002 Washitaw Nation (MGI)
2002 – 1956 Yellow Pocahontas
David Peters Montana comes from the storied Montana Black Masking Bloodline of New Orleans. The first tribe of the 7th Ward ran by the Montana Brothers Tootie and Edward, the Second Chief of the Yellow Pocahontas Tribe. Together they entrenched the culture of Black Masking downtown and set the tone for being pretty across the City. Sitting down with Chief is a roller coaster that goes up to the history of his family in the congressional library down to his earliest memories in the Lafitte Project as a child watching Indians threw the venetian blinds down the court yards to Orleans and Claiborne. As he watched Famed of old days Performer “Google Eyes” recite his opening act for the Municipal Auditorium. Then, through a loop, beating the drum of the tambourine giving you the soundtrack and illustration of his life story and culture.
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Present – 1984 Mandingo Warriors
1965 – 1984 Yellow Pocahontas (Flag boy)
Chief Fi Yi Yi has been a part of the Black Masking Culture (BMC) for over 50 years in New Orleans. Well respected amongst his peers and the community for his warrior spirit. For twenty years he was a Flag Boy for a legend. It is often said but rarely valued “in order to lead you must learn to follow”. Chief Fi Yi Yi’s devolution and dedication as flag boy has made him a Mighty Chief that has created his own banner under the Mardi Gras Indians (BMC). The Mandingo Warriors Tribe is an African Banner, the fourth. This humble warrior’s community investment has been as mighty as his great spirit.

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Tribe Timeline: Present – 1978 Creole Osceola Tribe 1972- 1977 Yellow Pocahontas Tribe

A chief with unbridled imagination and Love of the power of the tambourine Big Chief Delcour started masking with the Yellow Pocahontas Tribe under Big Chief Tootie Montana. Though Big Chief loved his tutelage under Chief Tootie, the style of sewing became an issue and his imagination for his own style pushed him to leave and begin his own tribe the Creole Osceola Tribe. Teaming up with the Artist, Albert Brown, Chief began to create the style of beading called “3D Flat”. While sewing into his Creole roots of Bosco Ville where he comes out (reveals new suite for Mardi Gras) from his 1918 Family home. This Creole area from which he hails along with Chief Osceola of Florida whom started the first Underground Railroad is how the Tribe received its name sake. We sat down with Big Chief Delcour and received first-hand accounts of his 48 plus years of masking trough segregation, Vietnam, integration, police relations and City support of the culture he so dearly loves. Continue reading →

Big Chief Joseph “Monk” Boudreaux

Golden Eagles Tribe

Born in New Orleans Big Chief Monk is the Big Chief of the golden eagle tribe coming out of uptown Valance and Freret St. area. Chief is one the oldest and most respected chief keeping the purity of the traditions and culture that has been passed down to him by his father. As he told us “that’s the right way!”

Tribe Timeline:
From 1956-present/ Big Chief Joseph “MONK” Boudreaux/ The Golden Eagles
From 1930’s- 1956/ Raymond Boudreaux-The Wild Squawtoulas
From 1900’s / Clarence Boudreaux- /Hidden- did not mask in public

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