2017 Hit the Streets
Big Chief grew up with his step father “Wild Man” Richard Ivory Turner of the 9th Ward Warriors, later with 9th Ward Hunters. In 2004 Big Chief and his stepfather with others went with Big Chief Nelson Burk to start the Red Hawk Tribe. Even though he grew up at the knee of Black Maskers (Mardi Gras Indians) he was a late bloomer. Chief started masking, as he said, once he made his own suit, at the age of 30.

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Tribe Timeline

2004 – Present Big Chief Otto “Fiyo” DeJean

The Training

When I met Chief Fiyo his profile and mannerisms reminded me of a prize fighter. My father is a fight fan so I’ve seen a lot of boxers and their profiles. His body stocky, like Tyson, his voice smooth like Smokey Joe Frazier and his image and swag, Ali. Just like those legends, so too were his teachers in the Black Masking culture.

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By Glenn Jones

42 Tribes Recap

Beginning June, 2017,  Data News Weekly’s special feature, 42 Tribes has been shining the spotlight on the “Big Chiefs” of the 42 tribes that comprise the Black Indigenous Masking culture,  which is the heart and soul of Black New Orleans culture.  It is a supreme collective tradition and sacred heritage.  With the Tri-Centennial coming next year, Data News Weekly is highlighting all 42 of the Present Big Chiefs, and telling the stories that bring us closer to, and show proper reverence for this great and powerful history. Masking tradition is New Orleans, no Tri-Centennial celebration can be made here, without celebrating Indian culture.  Here is a quick look back at the 18 Chiefs we have profiled so far, and next week, we will bring you two new Chiefs on our way to 42 Tribes.   Visit www.  

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From the time Carl Reed could walk out his door with or without his parents’ permission, he has been in love with the Black Masking culture. At the age of seven he saw his idol and later mentor mask for the first time. The late Big Chief Butter Bo of the White Eagle tribe gave the young Carl Reed his first dream. His first goal to set his sights on becoming a big Chief one day himself. Not only did he achieve that goal but has been featured on National Geographic and 60 minutes to name a few. Continue reading →

2017- Present – 7Th Ward Hunters Tribe
2004 – 2010 – Young Cheyenne Tribe

Big Chief WAR a.k.a Brick is part of a great legacy in this culture. He was introduced to this culture by his father Verdell “Brick” Sceau and uncles who were in the Cherokee Hunters Tribe. The Cherokee Hunters tribe became the Flaming Arrows after the death Big Chief Clarence “Boy Boy” Guadet. Theodore “Merk” Goodman, original chief of the Flaming Arrows from Back-a-town (back end of the 7thward aka BaKaStan), welcomed their cousins into the tribe. Currently the chief of Flaming Arrow is Kevin Goodman the son of “Merk”. Continue reading →